HRUSANGKALI inspired by goddess (Dewi) Srikandi arrows. Dewi Srikandi is a woman in the story of shadow puppets (wayang), portrayed as tough and independent so in accordance with the character of the user is a career woman. Dewi Srikandi also a symbol of woman emancipation. HRUSANGKALI arrows distinctive character aplicated in the morphological form of footwear design. Accentuation of parangrusak batik pattern inspired by the clothes worn by Dewi Srikandi. Application of parangrusak batik pattern in footwear design can also represent elements of local wisdom.

In the story of wayang, described HRUSANGKALI can be 1000 arrows when fired. It inspired modular system in footwear design, so the footwear design has various kinds of alternative configurations. In addition to the modular system, it can be replaced by the module if there are parts that are not suitable to be used / damaged, making footwear design environmentally friendly because they do not have to waste the whole footwear.

HRUSANGKALI using a modular system that allows the user disassemble pairs of shoes. Modular system on the shoe is designed as simple as possible to be done by the home (small) industry that is usually found in most countries in Asia, thereby helping improve the economy and the local residents support the concept of a sustainable economy.



Well, lately I liked the homage watch. A mix of obsession to have the original Panerai watches and my hobbies doing handwork. For those not familiar with the homage watches could be googling to find information about it. LOL
One of the "prestige" of homage watches are handmade strap and buckle, the average value passable (not friendly on the pocket). While there are local products with the same build quality and the price is relatively more "cheap", but still, I want to make it my own. Armed with the rest of the material that I got from my friends as well as references from the internet, I gather the intention to do it.

tools and materials:
1. stainless steel
2. drills, grinders, and saws
3. leather
4. bayklin and leather dyes
5. sewing thread and sewing tools
6. pomade

1. make the buckle from the stainless steel material, I do not want to explain at length. You simply open the following link. Tutorial from someone I follow -> http://www.indohomage.com/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=4332

2. Cut the skin to the desired pattern, adjust the circumference of your hand. Bleaching using bayklin.

3. Wait until the skin is pale gray, then dry. Then re-dye using leather dye.

4. Sewing leather with buckle suit your imagination. Before doing the sewing process should you seal the threads with pomade for durability.

5. Enjoy the results



Okay, I went back to study again. Taking master of urban design in the same campus. In the first semester, I took a course is contained in the third semester (landscape design). Sort of attempted suicide but failed. I graduated from this course with an A. LOL

The college assignment is a community park design in the area of ​​Long Loreh. Based on the aspirations of the people of the need for recreation facilities that can only be done in the nearest town. The college assignment I'm working with a third semester student named Mr. Edith. I am a newbie still got a lot of valuable input from him. In addition based on the aspirations of the people, the place is also featuring distinctive local character. It appears in the style of the building (food court, public toilets, and gazebo), as well as garden forms based on local philosophy. But does not apply to sports facilities are based on international standards.

Enough of my ramblings, for more info please call me personally.



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